WP Approve User

Adds action links to user table to approve or unapprove user registrations.


This plugin lets you approve or reject user registrations.
While a user is unapproved, he/she can’t access the WordPress Admin.

On activation of the plugin, all existing users will automatically be flagged Approved. The blog admin will never experience restricted access and does not need approval.

HolidayCheck Blog Network

With the HolidayCheck Blog Network, I used the new multiuser functionality WordPress included in Version 3.0. Since I am operating from a subdomain I had to go with the subdirectory install for the other blogs. Using the Domain Mapping Plugin for MU, I am able to run each blog on its own subdomain. The domains point to the root WordPress installation – the plugin takes care of the rest.
Before the blog network was available, I had to hack tweak the wp-config.php file a bit to determine which top level domain is requested and have it set the right database prefix and locale. Now this isn’t necessary anymore and I can maintain plugins, themes, users etc. centrally, which reduces the maintenance overhead a lot.

HolidayCheck Campus

HolidayCheck Campus is the first blog that I created on the HolidayCheck Blog Network. Its theme is a child of the theme framework I used for the Polish and German Blog, thus taking advantage of all modules I incorporated in the parent theme. Since its design (Mock up by Thomas Witt) is so different from its counterparts, it almost exclusively uses its own templates (even the searchform!).

Again, I had to customize a lot to meet the requirements. Here are some modules I had to extend or create:

  • Admin Advice
    Textbox in the settings area to edit a Dashboard Widget, viewable for all authors and guestauthors with instructions
  • Code Markup
    This is still in development, I’m currently looking for a possibility to highlight the code without a buggy plugin
  • Post Thumbnail
    Adds theme support and displays the thumbnail in the posts overview
  • Search excerpt
    Highlights the searchterm and displays the section of an article where the term was found (try it here!)
  • Twitter anywhere
    Add the Twitter anywhere functionality with a fallback for users who have JavaScript disabled

WP Save Custom Header


This plugin is DEPRECATED with WordPress 3.2. Since its functionality is incorporated into WordPress core, this plugin will be no longer supported!

It lets you save and reuse your uploaded header images.

It will save your images to the images/headers folder within your template folder.
In the Custom Header menu the images will then show up as defaults, together with your other registered custom header images.

WPMU Network Site Users Dropdown

Replace the input field for adding existing users to a site with a more comfortable dropdown menu!


This plugin lets you as a network administrator add users to your sites without having to remember or look up the user’s login name. It replaces the input field with a comfortable dropdown menu, so you can choose between all existing users that are not yet added to the site.