WordCamp Berlin 2010


On July, 3 2010 this year’s WordCamp Germany will take place in Berlin. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend, since I’ll be writing my final exams at that time. Nevertheless I wanted to contribute, and so you’ll find a banner in the sidebar, explicitly inviting you to have a look and educate yourself.

HolidayCheck Campus

HolidayCheck Campus is the first blog that I created on the HolidayCheck Blog Network. Its theme is a child of the theme framework I used for the Polish and German Blog, thus taking advantage of all modules I incorporated in the parent theme. Since its design (Mock up by Thomas Witt) is so different from its counterparts, it almost exclusively uses its own templates (even the searchform!).

Again, I had to customize a lot to meet the requirements. Here are some modules I had to extend or create:

  • Admin Advice
    Textbox in the settings area to edit a Dashboard Widget, viewable for all authors and guestauthors with instructions
  • Code Markup
    This is still in development, I’m currently looking for a possibility to highlight the code without a buggy plugin
  • Post Thumbnail
    Adds theme support and displays the thumbnail in the posts overview
  • Search excerpt
    Highlights the searchterm and displays the section of an article where the term was found (try it here!)
  • Twitter anywhere
    Add the Twitter anywhere functionality with a fallback for users who have JavaScript disabled