Translating WordPress Made Easy

So far, when working on WordPress projects, I always hit a point in time, where it was necessary to create or alter .po files for themes or plugins, to be able to use them with a German website.

Especially when working with more than one translator (possibly not even having the necessary software) or having to support multiple languages, it becomes very complex and time-consuming. A few weeks ago, I coincidentally came across a plugin, which I have since installed on all(!) my WordPress installations: Codestyling Localization by Heiko Rabe.

PHP Namespaces: A Tool For WordPress Plugin Authors?

PHP namespaces
As part of PHP 5.3, namespaces will be a tremendous improvement for framework developers and object oriented programmers. But also for some WordPress plugin authors, namespaces might be a neat instument to easily write non conflictable code.  So instead of having to be creative in naming classes, functions and constants, authors now just have to pick a unique plugin name (as always), declare a namespace for it and can feel free to use whatever function names they like and suits best.

Sounds tempting? There’s just one minor catch to it: Authors can’t assume that the average WordPress user has PHP 5.3 up an running on their system.